Fabrice Legagneur,
Pastry and Ice Cream Chef

Fabrice Legagneur, a trained pastry chef, learned the profession at the age of 14 and has been enthusiastically pursuing it ever since.
Today, he is the creator and developer of all the pastries and ice creams produced by La Charlotte.


The project

In 1996, when he founded La Charlotte, Fabrice Legagneur took on the project of manufacturing classic artisanal-quality pastries and ice creams in large volumes with respect for French tradition.

To do so, he determined taste and quality as priorities, and they remain so: we rigorously select the ingredients and recruit qualified pastry chefs. Through our association with industrial expertise, La Charlotte has risen to the challenge of producing high-quality desserts in large quantities.



La Charlotte is recognised on the luxury pastry and ice cream market in France and abroad.

La Charlotte in figures:
– A factory of 9000m2: In the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region in Hesdin l’Abbé
– A turnover of 28 million euros in 2015
– 40 types of pastries manufactured each year

  • The company was founded by Fabrice Legagneur and Régis Naye
  • 1998
    A new factory of 3500 m2 was built in the Landacres business park of Hesdin l’Abbé
  • The factory was extended (now 6500 m2) and a below-zero cold storage warehouse with a capacity of 4000 palettes was built


For 20 years, La Charlotte has been producing luxury ice creams and frozen pastries for its clients throughout the world.

To best meet with the needs of:

Non-domestic catering professionals and distributors or professionals of the food trade
Supermarket distributors or specialised distributors
Airlines, etc.

We have clients in France and abroad: the United Kingdom, Sweden, Ireland, Benelux, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, Russia, Singapore and Australia.